Community and Charity

At Goodchild, we recognise that as estate agents we are embedded in the communities we serve. So, we aim to continue to throw ourselves behind a range of good causes, particularly ones which resonate with us due to our community or because either we, friends or family have been touched by an issue.

Recent and upcoming initiatives include:

Bristol Breast Care Centre

When breast cancer struck close to home, the family naturally came together to offer support. But seeing the determination of patients and care and compassion of the nurses and doctors, it was important to us to do more. So, James undertook several fundraising initiatives to make a charitable donation to the Bristol Breast Care Centre and will continue to support this amazing charity.

Capella Foundation

This amazing charity was founded by James Goodchild’s cousin Matthew and his wife Lucy after they faced complications during pregnancy of twins. Thanks to this inspiring couple, The Capella Foundation was born in February 2013. They had a main objective: to fund pioneering medical research. They wanted to enable new research to be carried out that would help increase the understanding of specific medical complications during pregnancy.

Henleaze Christmas Festival

James Goodchild was the chairman of this special community event for many years. It is wonderful to bring everyone together at this special time of year to celebrate with festive cheer. Whilst currently retired from the organising committee, James, along with a group of friends often run a stall raising money for the Breast Care Centre at Southmead Hospital.

Children with Cancer

There aren’t many things more terrifying to parents than the thought childhood cancer. Having become involved with the Children with Cancer Charity in 2015, it was a pleasure to run the London Marathon to raise money and awareness for this special cause.

Support of local sports teams and events

Where possible, Goodchild aim to continue to support charities and community causes, either with sponsorship or volunteering. So please contact us and we will always try and help where possible. Our aim is to support at least one charity or worthwhile cause a year.

Cappella Charity
Charity mountain climbing
Breast care charity


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